My name is Jorge, I am an actor, dancer, choreographer and the creator of JDOL (Jorge Dorsinville ONLY LOVE). I consider myself an instrument of peace and love.

I believe ONLY LOVE can change the world. This is what I have dedicated my everyday life to.

I am from Salvador, Bahia, a special city in the Northeast of Brazil. I am the 4th child out of a family of 5. I was raised by my mother and I never knew my father. I lost my mother when I was 20 years old and my oldest brother, who was our father figure two years later. All this loss happened too soon in my life and I was left with my remaining siblings who did not believe in me and did not support who I was and what I wanted to do.

I found myself needing to find my own way without having parental anchors to guide me. I realized that I needed to support myself and make money to build my artistic dream of being a performer.

One day, I went to the house of my neighbor who was a seamstress. I saw scraps of fabric in her garbage can, so I asked if I could take them and have her make some garments that I would design and sell. In one week, I sold 70 items in my neighborhood and to people who lived on the streets that I took to walk to school. It was my first small business.

This was also the time when I was first bullied because I was gay.

I would get threatening looks and I would hear comments like: “look how he talks... look how he moves... his voice is so weird, he’s too sweet...” it was always judgment and rejection with a flavor that I never want to taste again.

I still have memories of the feeling of exclusion and being told that something was wrong with me and that I was not accepted.

This was the moment I understood that ONLY LOVE could heal the deep scars left by the bullying. I decided that I would fight for LOVE for ALL.

This Idea is always what has driven me.

It was instilled in me by Salvador, my city. A place strongly influenced by Africa and it’s mix of races, religions and beliefs. In Salvador we believe in energy and the idea of CELEBRATING LIFE.

Someone once told me that if the world was a person, Brazil would be its heart. Warm, friendly, nurturing and happy. A heart that looks out for others, and wants to see everybody live together peacefully as one infinite community.

I left Brazil, my home and moved to New York in 2015 to be with the love of my life and build a family thru adoption.


I continue my mission of being an instrument of peace and love.

My entrepreneurial spirit has always been present, but this year, with all the hate manifesting itself in the world, it was a reminder of the hate I felt when I was bullied as a child.

I needed to find a way to actively promote LOVE. It was the only way to help heal the world one person at a time. 

Designing the ONLY LOVE artwork has been a form of therapy for me.

I want a future of light and equality for us, for my daughter and for the next generation that will keep this planet, our home, safe for all human beings.